Thursday, October 26, 2017

Creating a Capsule Library

I discovered one of the most adorable and unique link ups yet, Creating a Capsule Library, created by Hannah @ So Obsessed With.  It also had some of my favorite book bloggers on board, so I really wanted to try this one out.

It's based on the clothing capsule concept: the idea is to simplify your closet by creating a mini wardrobe made up of essential but versatile items that you love (typically around 30 pieces).  

So, you basically have to simplify your library as you would your clothing.  Just the essentials.  You're allowed to have 10 pieces in your library:

  • The Clothes: 5-7 authors (any/all their books would be in library)
  • The Accessories: 3-5 individual books (and series can't be grouped into one)
Match each author/book with an item of clothing or accessory that would be in your capsule wardrobe and explain how they're related.  If you want to know more visit So Obsessed With and get the complete deets! 

The Clothes

Blue Jeans | Stephen King | A staple piece in my closet (and I'm sure most of us) is a nice pair of jeans.  The ones you can dress up, or down.  Very reliable.  You can always count on a great pair of jeans to get you through.  That's how I feel about Stephen King.  He's always been there.  His books are timeless. I read his books during some of the most tumultuous times in my life, and they helped get me through some really tough times.  I know his books are going to be creepy and laced with humor--that is something I can always depend on!

Black Leather Jacket | Terry McMillan | No matter what I'm wearing, a black leather jacket will add a little edge and street chic to my ensemble.  That is the epitome of Terry McMillan, edginess with a little street, and I can relate to her characters in so many ways--whether they remind me of myself, or a family member or a friend, her writing is so familiar and comfortable.  She's from my family's hometown Port Huron, MI, and it's like I know her personally, just through her words.  Writing about what black women deal with, and our strength and resilience, our search for real love and stability, is captured by her in the best way.

LBD (Little Black Dress) | Toni Morrison | I only pull my LBD out for special occasions.  Whether it's date night, or girls' night out, my LBD makes me feel supernatural!  So much like Toni Morrison's female protagonists.  They're unique in every way, they all give off an energy of something from beyond.  They're special, magical, and beautiful.
White Tee | Mary Higgins Clark | I LOVE a nice, crisp, white t-shirt.  It's very subtle, but I can't have a capsule wardrobe without one.  It goes with everything.  Mary Higgins Clark's books are just like that.  Cozy, can be read anytime, anywhere, and they're classic!  I couldn't imagine my library with at least one cozy mystery!

Grey Joggers | John Grisham | Grey joggers are for chilling around the house, or running out to go grab something from the store.  Of course they're great for exercising, but you can also dress them up.  John Grisham has written some of my favorites (A Time to Kill, The Firm, The Client).  His characters are always colorful, and he is the master of giving a backstory for his main characters.

The Accessories

Black Flats | Their Eyes Were Watching God | Zora Neale Hurston | I can wear my black flats everyday.  They're comfortable, my absolute favorite!  So much like this book. It is one of my favorite of all time, and the copy I have was purchased by my kids as a Christmas gift about 10 years ago. The search for true love, even if it takes years and only lasts a short while, is worth it.

Cute Booties | To Kill a Mockingbird | Harper Lee | My cute booties make any outfit great!  I can keep it really casual and chic, very simple, but still makes a statement.  To Kill a Mockingbird is a classic, and it was a story of a little girl maturing over one unforgettable summer. I couldn't have my capsule without one southern gothic.

Clutch Purse | Waiting to Exhale | Terry McMillan | I'm not a purse carrying type of lady, but I still can appreciate a nice, black, sleek clutch to through a few essentials in when I'm on the go. I can relate to this book so much, the characters are so familiar.  I had to add at least one of her books and it's one of her most popular, Waiting to Exhale (shoooop, shooop, shoop, shooooby, doop, doop, doop)

Pandora Bracelet | Cujo | Stephen King | I love my bracelet.  I like to be able to add and take off my different charms to fit my outfit, and even sometimes, my mood.  So much like King's books, they're so many to choose from, and every one has its own charm.  Cujo was the very first Stephen King book I read.  I was around 8 years old.  I'm sure at that age, I couldn't comprehend everything, but I did know that there was a crazed, rabid dog trying to get a mom and her asthmatic son trapped in a car.....good stuff!

What authors and books would you add to your Capsule Library?  Please make sure you leave a link to your post in the comments!!


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